All Necessary Disclosures...

First off, I do not get paid to write reviews. This site and all of my cider reviews are purely for the love of the beverage.

I have my own taste preferences for cider. I tend to prefer tannic dry ciders with some sparkle to them. Bottle conditioning makes my day. Oaking get my attention. I often enjoy the inclusion of heritage varieties or cider apples. Mind you, ciders surprise me all the time as well. My reviews are candid and I try to be specific and descriptive more than just sharing whether or not I like any given cider. After all, maybe you prefer still, sweet ciders. 

I do buy most of the ciders I review. I do however accept free ciders. These have been from friends, internet friends, strangers, cider makers, and cider companies. These free ciders get reviewed exactly like those I buy. They really help out my blog because my cider budget is limited and not all ciders are sold in upstate NY. I appreciate the chance to try all kinds of ciders, even those pretty far from my own preferences, and every single one gets a fair shake.

The views expressed here are 100% my own. Mostly though, I just love cider. Don't you?

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