Getting Your Ciders Reviewed

I'm open to reviewing any and all ciders. The focus of the blog is on American ciders, but I have a genuine interest in ciders from all over the world, so I'm happy to review beverages from anywhere.

My reviews are fair, but I focus on description more than evaluation. Of course, I have my own tastes in cider, but I try to describe what I'm drinking more than just tell folks how it suits my palate. I also understand that different ciders are made in different styles or with different goals. By focusing on description, I'm hoping to make my reviews more useful to others who are interested cider. That said, every review is a little bit different. Lately I've been doing seasonal series or grouping ciders based on some commonality; that has really been successful for showing folks new ciders and increasing traffic.

I don't charge in any way for reviews. This site is an unpaid labor of love. Usually I review the ciders that I purchase locally, that friends share or trade with me, or that companies send me for review. When I complete a review, I promote the reviews on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. I also try to contact the company directly so they can check out the review and, if they like, share it with their own fans and followers.

So, if you're interested in having your ciders reviewed, please contact me via email or direct message me on Twitter. Caveat, right now my cellar is very full, so I cannot promise a quick turnaround between getting new samples and posting a review.

Thanks so much!