Friday, March 21, 2014

Driving out for GLINTCAP judging...and sharing something new

I'm so pleased and grateful for the opportunity I get this weekend to help judge the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP). We have the most entries in the history of the competition and it should be an amazing experience. You can read about the group and their activities here:

Saturday, I get an eight hour training in detecting faults and flaws in cider. This is something I've worked with some at Bellwether, but I'm beyond excited to increase my cider knowledge in this way. Then on Sunday, I'll be judging cider all day long with some of the best in North America and beyond. I feel floored and grateful to be included. Thanks so much to my readers, you guys helped make this possible.

In other apple and cider news...

This is a picture of me taken yesterday at Model Citizen Tattoo in Ithaca, NY. And yes that is an apple tattoo.

I wanted to celebrate my love of apples and cider. I've been tempted to get an apple related tattoo since 2004, the year my grandmother passed away. She and my papaw grew apples and throughout my entire childhood, she would pick and cut her home-grown yellow apples as a special shared snack. I thought of the idea again and again, as cider became a big part of my interests and again as this blog developed. So, for many many reasons, I finally got the apple tattoo I've wanted.

This is is the line work. My artist will add color in a few weeks. For now though, time to pack!