Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Cider Review: Embark Golden Russet Reserve and Cider Week Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes Cider Week is almost here! It’s happening all over central New York from September 27th - October 6th, 2019. This year, not only will I be pouring samples, attending dinners, touring orchards, munching apples, and tasting new ciders, I’ll also be talking to folks about cider in three different ways! I cannot tell you how excited I am! In fact, I’m trimming the blog post for the week to only include on review, so I can spend more time sharing Cider Week love.

Check out the home page to learn a lot more about this wonderful cider celebration: https://ciderweekflx.com/flx/

But before I share some upcoming highlights, I do want to share a really fun cider review for the week.

Let’s take a look at Embark Ciderworks’ Golden Russet Reserve. Embark Craft Ciderworks is based out of Williamson, New York. This is just outside of Rochester. The cidery grew out of an apple farm. The cider makers are Jake Lagoner and Chris Gowan. Take a look at my earlier posts on Embark ciders to find out more background!

My previous review of Embark Ciders include fewer than they should:

Crab Series #1: http://alongcameacider.blogspot.com/2017/08/cider-review-embark-craft-ciderworks.html

The American Hopped: http://alongcameacider.blogspot.com/2017/01/cider-review-embark-craft-ciderworks.html

You can visit the website to learn more about Embark Ciderworks: https://embarkcraftciderworks.com/

The official description of this cider is short and factual, “2017 Golden Russets fermented dry and aged for 12 months then backsweetened with 2018 Golden Russet apples. 6.9%ABV”

Appearance: golden raspberry, cloudy, bubbly

Pretty pretty! I like the color on this cider. It reminds me of fall-ripening golden raspberries. The cider looks distinctly cloudy and bubbly.

Aromas: Lemon, melon, and minerals

I don’t get the most intensity of aroma from this cider, but I do get some pleasant nots of lemon, melon and stony minerality.

Sweetness/Dryness: Off dry

This cider brings more fruit, crispness, and bubble to the table than sweetness. It isn’t entirely dry, but it’s close.

Flavors and drinking experience: Bubbly, crisp, minerals

The Golden Russet Reserve brings lots of minerals to each sip. It’s wonderfully crisp, due to it’s high acidity and the intensity of bubbles. What I don’t know is how this cider also tastes creamy. The Golden Russet Reserve does a lot with it’s high level of acidity and medium tannins. It has a relatively light body and quick finish.

I appreciate how clean this cider tastes. Overall, I find it very refreshing and perfect with a last summery supper. I had mine with garlicy kale, sweet potato wedges and a sweetly smoky barbeque sauce.

Now for a few highlights of Cider Week Finger Lakes!

Events where you can find me:

9/26, Not Far From the Tree: An Evening Celebrating Apples & Cider- https://www.facebook.com/events/2322642131307274/

This is going to be a great event featuring Autumn Shosteck of Eve’s Cidery, Steve Selin of South Hill and me talking about orchards, apples, ciders, and food pairings. And we’ll get to enjoy great ciders and foods at the local farm-to-table place: Coltivare. Tickets are $50.

9/28, I’ll  be interviewing Jason Wilson about his new book at Buffalo Street Books at 4pm. Jason will also be reading sections from the book: Cider Revival: Dispatches from the Orchard. Grisamore Ciderworks will be pouring samples. And this event is totally free! It would be a gret time to pick up Jason’s book if you haven’t already.

10/3, Basics of Cider Tasting at The Watershed:

At this event, you can go straight up to the bar at The Watershed (http://www.thewatershedithaca.com/) and pick up a glass of cider from their specially expanded cider week selection. It’s already one of the strongest cider lists in town! Then come back to the big table in the back, and I’ll be discussing the basics of cider tasting. No entry fee, just buy some cider! 

Here are a few other awesome Cider Week Events

9/29, Monks & Makers: A NYS Cider Tasting Salon

Both weekends, Tours and Tastings at Black Diamond Cidery

10/1, The Emerging FLX Cider Region in the Cider Revival – Book Signing and Cider Maker Chat

10/ 3, Finger Lakes Cider Week Celebration at Mann Library on Cornell Campus: http://events.cornell.edu/event/finger_lakes_cider_week_celebration_mann_library