Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Cider Review: Eden Specialty Ciders' Deep Cut Harvest Cider

I was thrilled to get a surprise package from Eden Cider last week. Cider mail is my favorite mail, and the timing was perfect. I had hopes it would be the two new canned varieties Deep Cut and Peak Bloom. Lo and behold, it was! My dinner plans for the night were already set to be special, because it was release day for my co-taster’s new album! This cider arrival guaranteed a celebration!

Here’s a link to Seeming’s new album:

 I’ve reviewed many Eden ciders before. In several of those reviews, you can find more background information on this apple-centric northern Vermont cidery. This cidery is a favorite of mine.

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I’ll share the full profile, as the Eden website gives lots of info on these ciders.

PROFILE: Dry, hazy, full-bodied

APPLE VARIETIES: Golden Russet • Somerset Redstreak • Dabinett • Yarlington Mill • McIntosh • Empire


GROWN BY: Eden Orchards, Poverty Lane Orchards, Scott Farm, Sunrise Orchards, Windfall Orchard

METHOD: Slow cold fermentation, unfiltered, carbonated and pasteurized.

TASTING NOTES: peach, black tea, citrus

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: fried chicken, tacos, grilled anything

6.2% ABV | 0g/L residual sugar 12oz | 244/case

Serving Size: 1 can | Calories per serving: 120 | Carbs: 0g = 0CARB Gluten free, vegan friendly

Great Lakes International Cider Competition Gold Medal Winner 2019

Appearance: opaque, creamed honey, warm straw

I was so surprised to see a cloudy cider when I poured the Deep Cut, because I associate Eden with brilliant ciders with champagne-like bubbles, but then I realized how much sense it makes for a canned cider to be hazy or cloudy. It is cloudy—totally opaque, like creamed honey or peach nectar

This is a harvest cider made with less intervention and presented in a casual way. The color reminds me of creamed honey or applesauce. You could call it warm straw. 

Aromas: bread, oranges, live cider fermentation

The Deep Cut smells like bread, oranges, and actively fermenting cider still in the tank. These aromas are very appley. I get other notes too, like  light white flowers. My overall impression is springy, clean, and fresh. All of the notes are smooth and rounded. Nothing is harsh or spiky, but still I get a salivary reaction.

Dryness/sweetness: Dry but fruity

As all of the descriptions of the Deep Cut promised, this is a dry yet fruity cider. 

Flavors and drinking experience: high acidity, medium high tannins, very fruity, complex and balanced

The Deep Cut is not a cider with just one taste. This cider brings high acid, well structured medium tannins, and pleasant sparkle.It’s dry, but so fruity; I keep tasting green apple and pineapple. This cider comes across in three phases of flavor, I get a zesty tropical first taste, citrus on the middle palate, and a floral finish with a little honey. This cider is complex.

Sweetness is suggested throughout but never voiced. It’s freaking wonderful.

I’m always looking for ciders that bring both tannins and acidity, but it’s really something beyond my expectations when I get those things with interest and grit but no harshness. This cider drinks like a dream.

Eden’s pairing suggestions were not really in line with our plans, but this was a delightful cider with a summer vegetable galette. We loaded the crust with cheddar and filled the pie with zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes. The cider’s acidity and substance lifted all the layers of the meal beautifully. What a treat!