Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Cider Review: Abandoned Hard Cider Classic

Hello Cider Friends! I write to you from my new home which has many boxes,  but I’m happy to say that the move is complete. But that’s not the only excitement happening currently; it’s Finger Lakes Cider Week! This year is different to say the least, but things are still happening! 

Please check out the website to find out more:

For today though I wanted to try something new and unknown, so I picked up a can of something I’ve never had at the local bottle shop. I chose the Abandoned Hard Cider Classic.

Here’s a link to this unusual cidery located in Woodstock, New York:

I love the quick and simple way the cidery website describes the company’s beginning, “After a chance meeting between two hobby cider makers in 2015, and a couple of years of geeking out together, Eric and Martin joined forces to create Abandoned Hard Cider.” The guys mentioned are Eric Childs and Martin Bernstein. 

You can find out lots more information on the cidery online.

I picked up Abandoned Hard Cider’s Classic. Here’s what the can says about the cider.

A refreshingly complex cider that pours hazy and packs a sharp appley bite!

As with all of our ciders, this one is made from over 100 varieties of apples collected in wild and abandoned orchards throughout New York's Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley.

The apples are a “blend of wild and heirloom apples.”

Appearance: hazy, bubbly, warm sand

The Classic looks hazy and bubbly. The color reminds me of warm sandy beaches. Perhaps I’m just dreaming about the possibility of travel.

Aromas: ripe apples, lemons, pears, but also some stoniness, and wet rocks, a bit funky

The Classic smells like wet rocks and shady spaces. I also get fruit notes including ripe apples lemons and pears.

Sweetness/dryness: bone dry

This is a bone dry cider! There aren’t that many bone dry canned ciders, so for folks looking for this combo, look no further!

Flavors and drinking experience: medium tannins, funky, high acid, fruity finish

I like a bone dry cider! The classic hits with an initial wave of abrasive acid followed by medium tannins. The cider mellows out, but it remains a bit funky, with flavors driven by it’s very high acid. I really enjoy the Classic’s pleasant fruity finish.

This cider is remarkably zesty and refreshing. The citrus profile of acidity paired with lots of minerality is fun. It’s easy to enjoy as a fan of dry bubbly ciders with high acid. In that way, it reminds me of the Northeastern region in general.

I enjoyed mine as a reward after a day of packing with a veggie burrito, and it was very much appreciated!