Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Cider Review: Slyboro's Rose and Sky

January isn’t always an easy month, and this one is off to a disturbing start. We’re staying close to home and working for better days ahead. I hope you’re doing the same. Today, I’m sharing my take on Slyboro’s Rose and Sky. This cider was shared with me for review, but I’ll say again that my opinions remain my own however a cider comes to me.

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Learning about this cider on the Slyboro page shows more than I can tell with just a quote, but the cider description lists, “notes of pear, stone fruit, tamarind, brioche, and soft tannins.” The page goes on to describe it as an “Imperial sparkling cider. An ideal event starter and a perfect choice for celebrations large and small.” There’s a different description on the back of the bottle, so I’ll include a picture. It has a hefty 10% ABV, hence it being called an imperial cider.

Visit the Slyboro website to learn more about the orchard, ciders, and tasting room: https://www.slyborociderhouse.com/

Appearance: warm custard, hazy, plenty of bubbles

I must say that pouring this cider surprised me! I expected a cider with rose in the name and roses on the label to be a Rosé, and this poured with a sunny custard golden orange instead! I’m sure had I looked more closely at the bottle I wouldn’t have made that assumption, but I had to share! The Rose and Sky looks vibrant and hazy. The bubbles are visible but so small! My excitement was raised by seeing the cider in my glass!

Aromas: Pears, minerals, toasted breadcrumbs.

The Rose and Sky smells of minerals, pears, and toasted breadcrumbs. My mouth is officially watering.

Sweetness/dryness: Off Dry

I love an off-dry cider when all of the elements are in balance, and the Rose and Sky delivers deliciously! 

Flavors and drinking experience: biscuity, bubbly, quince, high tannins, high acid

This is a complex and lovely cider! I’m definitely a fan of the Rose and Sky. Here’s how it tastes. The Rose and Sky brings a biscuity kick of austere wood to start. This cider feels very bubbly and rich. I adore it’s concentrated apple character but the cider brings quince, honey, and lemon notes as well.

I enjoy the Rose and Sky’s lingering bitterness, high tannins, and high acid. This cider is tasty and enjoyable from tip to tail; each sip is satisfying and full.