Monday, August 15, 2022

Cider Review: Eden Cider's Cobble Knoll Petillant Natural 2021 and GLINTCAP Results

We’ve entered the tumultuous end of summer and back-to-school gauntlet. I see spiderwebs each morning, and leaves are showing the darkest opaque green, even showing some veins of red or gold in places. Fall is coming, so it doesn’t feel like it was only a month ago when I last reviewed an Eden cider. Then days were sweltering in the 90s, and now I’m reaching for a lap blanket and hot coffee for my mornings. I love this shift. It fills me with energy and reminds me of the magic in nature.

This is what prompted me to reach for Eden Cider’s Cobble Knoll Petillant Natural 2021. I love Eden Ciders and Pet Nats, plus they are meant to be enjoyed promptly. If you’re not familiar with how a pet nat is made, here’s a link: Pet Nat is a cider for the moment; don’t ask the moment to last, just enjoy it when it comes.

Here are all of my previous reviews of Eden Ciders, including a super recent one from last month. If you’re looking for more background information on this cidery, many of these can tell you plenty about this apple-centered Vermont cidery.


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Here’s what Eden shares with us about this cider. 

Cobble Knoll Pet Nat 2021

Clean, crisp, and so refreshing! Cobble Knoll is a Petillant Naturel made from apples entirely from our newest orcharding partner of the same name. Cobble Knoll has a lively, fruity acidity imbued with flavors of white flowers, wet stone, and green mango.

Cider Character: Dry, Naturally Sparkling

Apple Varieties: Ellis Bitter, Dabinett, Brown Snout, Wickson, Newtown Pippin, St Edmonds Russet, Calville Blanc, Ashmead's Kernel, Pine Golden, and Sweet Coppin

Harvest Date: September 2021

Release Date: June 2022

Elevage: Native yeast fermented, bottled during primary fermentation for natural carbonation. Nothing added.

Tasting Notes: Green mango, white flowers, wet stone. Drink 2022

7.5% ABV | 0g residual sugars | 750mL

Only 70 cases produced

Appearance: intense goldenrod yellow, brilliant, very bubbly

The cider’s petillance reveals itself with the plentiful cute tiny bubbles ascending in my glass. I appreciate the appealingly intense goldenrod color. 

Aromas: Peach, lemon, lemongrass, stones

Oh what smells! The Cobble Knoll reminds me of Peaches, lemons and lemongrass. I also get a strong mineral quality that reminds me of dry stones. I’m anticipating some very angular acid based on what notes are coming through.

Sweetness/dryness: Dry

It's a dry cider. Pet Nat will be dry based on how it's made. 

Flavors and drinking experience: high tannin, very high acid, bubbly with mild funk

The Cobble Knoll starts with zingy high acid, high tannin, and a little funk. This cider is  everything but sweet. To the contrary it’s quite dry, but the peach notes carry a fruitiness to the fore. Some mild funk is present but under control, just barely. The bubbles just bring the Cobble Hill to life for me!

As I sip this cider bubble, tannin and farminess interaction dynamically, and the whole experience is carried by acids. The cider is bright and warm at once. In big sips there’s a slightly green buzzy, herbal finish. Some folks might find this one a challenge but ultimately it’s a delightful one.

And now for 2022 GLINTCAP results. We have full medal information for the world’s largest cider competition, and you can check them out at the link below.