Monday, November 21, 2022

Cider/Perry Review: Snow Capped Cider's Jala-pear-no Cider

We’re headed into Thanksgiving week here in the United States. There’s so much cultural emphasis on tradition for this particular holiday. There’s a parade every year, there’s a football lineup, there’s a traditional menu and for lots of folks a very set-in-stone way to do the whole day. It’s an uncomfortable holiday for many for some very real reasons, like the fictitious history we’re taught in school.

 It’s also the closest thing we have to a nationally recognized harvest celebration. It’s a feast of seasonal food with a strong suggestion of gathering with loved ones and expressing the gratitude out loud that we usually hold silent in our hearts. That’s how I like to celebrate Thanksgiving. Well, harvest and *my birthday* since my birthday is always near to the holiday and this year it's on the day itself. 

Does that mean my birthday meal is turkey and pumpkin pie? No! I value a bit of innovation rather than unchanging adherence to tradition. My birthday meal will be Celebration Roast, Brussels sprouts, dressing, cranberry relish, rolls and who knows what else will show up at the table. All this to be followed by a caramel crumb apple pie. And there will be cider. 

Speaking of innovation, that’s the theme with which I chose this week’s perry for review. I wanted something fun and different, and Snow Capped Cider’s Jala-pear-no seems ideal for my purpose.

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Organic Colorado Bartlett’s 

Golden hue, with a fresh fruit nose, balanced by a notable Jalapeño infusion and pear sweetness. soft smooth finish.

( Perry )  100% fermented pears

Low heat/ high flavor/fresh jalapeños

ABV 6.9%

This spicy perry is available year round!

Appearance: hazy, few visible bubbles, pale straw

The color is the gentlest shade of pale straw. I don’t see many bubbles, but the perry has a slight haze throughout.

Aromas: bell peppers, fresh pear flesh, fermentation, sweetness

The Jala-pear-no smells sweet and very obviously pepper-like. There’s just the tiniest burn when you take a big whiff. The aromas are stony and fermented, and include fresh pear flesh.

Sweetness/dryness: Sweet

It’s sweet, but there’s a lot more going on than just sweetness!

Flavors and drinking experience: spicy, full bodied, vegetal, medium acid

I found the Jala-pear-no sweet and very spicy but The Tall One disagrees. He may be more trustworthy on topics like level of spice. He says it's only mildly spicy. We both found the perry 

Full-bodied and plenty bubbly! The bubbles make the spice sharper than they would feel in a more gently petillant or even a still perry.

With repeated sips, the spice keeps coming! It mellows out to a low vegetal prickling amidst the fruity notes of fresh pear.  It’s a genuinely interesting and innovative perry. 

I enjoyed mine with a movie and some good company, but I think it could go with all sorts of things. I’d like to try it again with fish tacos and pineapple salsa!