Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Cider Review: Awestruck Cider's Apples & Pears

The only constant is change. I’m saying it, because I need to continue internalizing this truth. All seasons are seasons of change, even the high peak days of Summer. Now is the time to slow down and appreciate where we are at this moment and know that the world around us will continue to change. We will change. Fruit will ripen. Even the long summer evenings that feel endless will not be with us forever. All the more reason to appreciate the now. Here’s what I smelled and tasted when I took my time with Awestruck Cider’s Apples and Pears.

Before diving into the review, Awestruck Cider comes to us from Sydney, New York. I’m not entirely sure, but I’d call that the Southern Tier region. I’ve reviewed a few Awestruck Ciders over the course of the blog. Here’s the full list. You can find more background information on the cidery in these earlier entries. 

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Here’s where to find Awestruck Cider online: https://www.awestruckciders.com/Index

And this is how the folks at Awestruck Cider describe the Apples & Pears.


Two orchard besties, handpicked and pressed into one enticing refreshment. 5.5% ABV

Appearance: Shining bright warm gold, bubbly, brilliant

The color of this cider is intense. It reminds me of a shade of gold somewhere in between ripe corn and peach flesh. It’s brilliant, bubbly, and active in the glass. 

Aromas: fresh bread, baking spice, cooked apples

As someone who bakes regularly, I’m reminded of baking immediately when a cider smells like bread. This one does, cleanly and beautifully. The aromas are fermented, spicy, and fruity. I get plenty of apple, pear, and baking spices in addition to the lovely bready qualities.

Sweetness/dryness: Sweet!

This apple pear blend tastes aggressively sweet, but it’s so pleasant in that style.

Flavors and drinking experience: full mouthfeel, dark caramel, fruity, petillant

The Apples and Pears cider tastes complex in that there are plenty of flavors happening but ultimately it’s approachable, sweet, and easy to drink. It’s fruity, high acid, and mildly bubbly, more petillant than sparkling, with a satisfying full mouthfeel. The cider finishes with a swerve into dark caramel but back out into bright nectarine.

Overall, this is a nice sessionable cider for fans of sweet ciders and a pleasant sip of something different even for many usually dry drinkers. Awestruck has made something lovely for sitting back with a little treat tray of cheese and salty snacks and good company.