Monday, June 2, 2014

Cider Review: Uncle John's Cider Draught Apple Cider

I know that summer in the Northern Hemisphere doesn't technically begin until the summer solstice, but walking around in bright sunny 84 degree days sure feels like summer! So, for Along Came a Cider, summer is here. And I'm celebrating by reviewing one of my very first canned ciders.

I've been completely curious about these for a long time because glass isn't convenient for traveling or permitted everywhere that I'd like to to enjoy cider. When I got my wonderful box of ciders from Uncle John's, I started looking forward immediately to the perfect weather for hard cider in a can. That day has now come.

Before getting into my review, just in case some readers did not see my previous review of a cider from Uncle John's, here's a link to my review of the American 150:

You can also find out tons more about this Michigan cidery, winery, and distillery at the website:

This is what Uncle John's Fruit House Winery says about their own Hard Apple Cider: "Full-flavored, crisp and refreshing with just the right amount of carbonation. Its award-winning flavor comes from apples grown just steps from our winery." I had my 6.5% ABV cider in a 16 ounce can, but the same cider is also available in bottles or on tap.

Appearance: Brilliant, light straw, plenty of visible bubbles.

Though I consumed most of my cider from the can, I did pour a bit in a glass so I could get a look at it. This draught cider pours with an airy mousse, but it vanishes without a trace. Mostly though, I just drank this out of the big green and silver and black can.

Aromas: dust, stones, minerality, fresh apple

Lots of dust and stone. Some fresh apple aroma. I could smell some light minerality. Uncle John's Draught Apple Cider does not offer up a ton of smell even when poured from the can into a more wide-mouthed container.

Dryness: Semi-sweet

Fruit and dried fruit flavors give character to the sweetness. It is definitely more on the tart and acidic end though, so I imagine many cider drinkers would perceive this as more dry than I do.

Flavors and Drinking experience: fresh apples, oranges, citrus

This cider tastes like beautiful blend of apple and sweet citrus. It has really big mouthfeel, with a lingering finish. I love how zingy and tangy and tart it is. All of this makes for some supremely easy drinking, which is absolutely required of a canned cider in my opinion.  One caveat, perhaps also related to my first canned cider experience. This cider is very burpy.  Its plentitude of carbonation was very pleasant with my tomato basil quinoa salad, but provided plenty of burps.

Mostly though what stands out to me is how much I enjoy the orange-tinged citrus flavors. I wanted a summer cider and this is a perfect summer cider. Enjoy it on picnics, hikes, or just hanging out on the porch.