Monday, October 5, 2015

Cider Review: Cider Creek Hard Cider's Fall'n'Cherry

 Finger Lakes Cider Week is upon us! This means that those of us lucky to be visiting or dwelling in this region of New York state can enjoy fabulous cider events from now through October 11th. There are more events than their are days between now and the end. It is a cider lover's dream.

To find out about Cider Creek specifically you can find them on Facebook:

Or on their own website:

I have reviewed Cider Creek Hard Cider before. Here you can read about my wonderful trip to the production facility as well as what I think of the Cascade Hopricot.

Tonight I'm reviewing Cider Creek's Fall'N'Cherry. This cider is not listed on their official website as it is a short term fall seasonal, but I was able to track down an official description. Here's how Cider Creek writes about this special limited release: "Smoked apple & cherry saison cider aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels." 

They are considering it a fall seasonal with 6.9%ABV and advertising this as an alternative direction for a season than the ubiquitous pumpkin everything. Let's see how it tastes.

Appearance: slightly hazy, carnelian red, very few visible bubbles

This gorgeous deep red color is smoky red with hints of spicy orange more than purple. It isn't cloudy, but neither is it brilliant; the haze makes it look substantive.

Aromas: Cherry, maple, barrel, cinnamon, nutty

The first smell recalls cherry smell, phenolic but not troublingly so. There's also a wave of cinnamon-dusted french toast. This makes the whole cider smell juicy, breakfasty, and sweet. I do not think it will taste as sweet as it smells.

Dryness/sweetness: Off dry

Off dry and extremely complex and taste packed. Whoa! This hits rather harder than most off-dry ciders.

Flavors and drinking experience: ham, cherry, jam, warm apples

The first taste washes over the tongue as a wave of bacon, ham, cherry, and jam. I also get maple, warm apples, bourbon, and sweet corn. The bitterness comes in a brief crest of fizz and yeast. More specifically, this cider high acid, Medium barrel-y tannins, but those characteristics are dwarfed by the plethora of other flavors. They dry the tongue. On draft, the Fall'n'Cherry has medium to gentle carbonation.

Cider Creek has a point; this cider is seasonal but different. I think its impressive in that it's warm but without being either boozy or just based on mulled or cake-like notes. I had this with butterut squash risotto and whipped chevre. I heartily recommend that you do the same.

Even if you can have this cider with that food fabulousness, go find it at Cider Creek's Grand Opening of their tasting room!

Saturday, October 10th from 1-10p
6459 Cunningham Creek Rd. Canisteo NY 
This sounds like quite the festive opening with live music, food trucks, cheese pairings, fireworks, as well as other local NY beverages. Speaking of Cider Week Activities. I have a partial list of the events near-ish to my neck of the woods. Please don't treat this list as exhaustive! Find out about the FLX cider events near you!

Tuesday, I'll be helping out with...

Science Cabaret- The Cream and The Crop; Cider, Cheese, and the Perfect Pairing
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6 @ 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM   | FREE
The Space @ Greenstar | 700 W. Buffalo St. Ithaca, NY , 14850
The Science Behind the Perfect Pairing: FLX Hard Cider and FLX Cheese! Join Cornell University’s flavor scientist, Gavin Sacks, cider maker Autumn Stoscheck and cider blogger Meredith Collins for an evening of engaging conversation followed by a walk around tasting of ciders and cheeses like never before.  Cheese and Cider will be available for purchase as well.  This year’s cider based Science Cabaret will be hosted at The Space @GreenstarCoop.
Ithaca’s Science Cabaret was inspired by the Cafe Scientifique movement, which started in Europe in the late 1990’s and has spread rapidly.Cafes Scientifiques are informal talks in bars, cafes and other public venues that give like-minded people a chance to discuss current and sometimes controversial topics in science.  In Ithaca we meet one Tuesday a month. October’s Science Cabaret is jointly produced by Finger Lakes Cider Week.

And this weekend...

Saturday Oct. 10
Black Diamond Farms Orchard Tours, 11am and 2pm
Black Diamond Farms | 4675 Seneca Road Trumansburg, NY , 14886

Saturday Oct. 10
Cheese & Cider Saturday!
Finger Lakes Cider House will be hosting Kenton’s Cheese Co., Keeley’s Cheese Co., and Finger Lakes Dexter and Englebert Farms (11am-6pm)
Bellwether Hard Cider will be serving Side Hill Acres’ Chèvre throughout the day 
Englebert Farms will be hosting the cider producers of the Finger Lakes Cider House 
Muranda Cheese Co. will be hosting South Hill Cider 
Three Brothers’ Winery and Bombshell Cider will be hosting Shtayburne Farm Cheese
Harvest Moon Cidery will be hosting Crosswinds Farm Creamery
Cider Creek Hard Cider will be hosting Heaven Scent Farm Cheese
Sunset View Creamery will be hosting (10am-3pm)
Side Hill Acres will be hosting Eve’s Cidery
And this isn't all of them.