Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cider Review: Griffin Ciderworks' Afterburner

Summer time comes with a special magic unknown to the rest of the seasons, but this summer has been really hot and really dry. Most of the magic for me has come in quiet early mornings and nighttime walks. This does not have to deter the devoted cider lover. I've been trying things along with all of the culinary splendors of summer, just attempting more cold salads and avoiding turning the oven on more than once or twice a week. 

And cider makes a fantastic cold treat. Today's comes from Griffin Ciderworks. They are a primarily local cider producer and taproom in Cleveland, Ohio.

They don't have the most complete website, but between it and there Facebook page, you can find a fair bit of information. Here are links to both.

Today, I wanted to share my impressions of Griffin Ciderworks' Afterburner.

Griffin's official description reads:
 “Ginger Ale’d” Cider – a medium, English-styled ‘Cider Ginger. Blended with fresh ginger and allowed to mellow for a rich and refreshing cider that is great to enjoy with the return of the ‘good weather.’ The ginger adds a nice light bite and provides a lasting and satisfying finish. Serve over ice or thoroughly chilled.
You know how I feel about recommending cider over ice, but I'll not blame the cider for that. And in this heat, and I can understand the motivation.

Appearance: brilliant, corn, bubbly

I am struck by what a bright corn color appears in my glass. As the photo shows, the cider could be read through, making it brilliant. Also, bubbles.

Aromas: strong ginger, powdered sugar, baking spice, stones, dust

So many smells! I am impressed by how whoa strong this cider smells like ginger. Also, the Afterburner offers up notes of powdered sugar, stone, cooked apples, and baking spices.

Sweetness/dryness: semi-sweet

To me, this cider tastes moderately semi sweet, I found it but extremely high acidity. This might make some folks experience it as more dry.

Flavors and drinking experience: high acid, ginger, tart

Again with the whoa strong, but the strength builds rather than shocks. This cider goes crazy with the intense ginger flavor. I'd call the Afterburner a bit acetic, but that plausibly almost melds into the ginger element. Definitely a semi sweet. The Afterburner does really interesting things with the concept of ginger cider by taking the acidity up so high, including a little funkiness, and keeping the sweetness in the medium range, but as a result it is not very balanced.

Overall the experience is very textural. I like highly bubbly tart ciders, and this is definitely one of those. I paired this with a cool cucumber soup and hearty bread. Personally, I enjoyed going with a contrast based pairing for this particular cider; it really added to the experience.