Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Cider Review: 2 Towns Ciderhouse 10th Anniversary Cider Pacific Northwest Heirloom Blend

We’re more than halfway through January. I’ve kept up with some healthy or happy-making habits to make things easier this season for myself. I’m happy to say that more exercise, more vegetables, and choosing the ciders I’m most excited about each week has been a nice balance of indulgence and effort. This week, I was very excited to try my 2 Towns 10th Anniversary cider.

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Learn about all of 2 Towns’ ciders online here: https://2townsciderhouse.com/

Though I often receive review samples from 2 Towns, I purchased this cider of part of my new Northwest Cider Club! You can learn about all of what went into the first shipment and how the club works here: https://nwciderclub.com/.

The 2 Towns official description for the 10th Anniversary reads.


A decade of boldly crafted cider, and what a wild ride it's been. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine coming as far as we have, and yet because of the incredible enthusiasm and support of our fans, here we are! It is in honor of you, our supporters, we release our 10th Anniversary cider, a paragon of our craft. Boldly crafted using a blend of rare, heirloom cider apples, this anniversary cider is the embodiment of our ethos as cider makers. Bringing the old and new worlds together, our cider is an ode to the craft we love and the supporters who have been with us on this journey. 5.7%ABV

Appearance: Brilliant few visible bubbles, bright daffodil yellow

This cider shines! It's hard to emphasize enough how utterly brilliant and eye catching I find this cider. There are a few bubbles I can see in the bottom of the glass but not many. The color makes me think of daffodils; it’s a warm bright yellow. 

Aromas: Cream cheese, green apples, powdered sugar

The 10th Anniversary smells like cream cheese and powdered sugar and green apples. The notes are all clean and distinct. The cider aromas are fruity, with luscious wet fruits like grapes and melons.

Sweetness/Dryness: Semi-sweet

I wasn’t sure quite what to expect in terms of sweetness level, but I think I’d call this cider a semi-sweet. The sweetness that’s there is very fruity.

Flavors and drinking experience: red fruit, very juicy, high acid, clean fermentation

I appreciate how true to the 2 Towns cider style, the 10th Anniversary cider stays. It’s a high acid, semi-sweet cider with juicy fruit flavors and a totally clean fermentation. Not all of the cidery’s beverages fit this profile, but that’s front and center 2 Towns Ciderhouse. 

Tiny bubbles keep this cider lively and fun. I’d call the body medium and the mouthfeel pleasantly full. The fruit notes remind me of many red fruits like strawberries and plums. What a treat to enjoy such a forwardly juicy and well-balanced cider!

The Tall One paired this cider with a fun movie date: takeout and our projector screen in his office. We chose Thai food and this lovely cider to accompany the long awaited Tenet. Creating special moments in dark times is incredibly worth it, and this cider helped make it a wonderful time.