Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Cider Review: Peak Light Cider's Field Run Semi-Dry Cider

As much as I want to say that I’ve arrived at the wonderful and carefree afterparty that I hope comes next in our collective social melodrama, I can’t. It’s been a rough couple of weeks(on top of the rough 13 months), and I know that’s been true for many many friends near and far. Take good care of yourself and those you love. Good luck. And until we can party in the streets with joy and safety, we can still try wonderful new ciders at home.

This week I want to share my notes on Peak Light Cider's Field Run Semi-Dry Cider. This is another cider that I received through joining the Northwest Cider Club. I highly recommend this for folks like me who don’t have easy access to lots of Northwest ciders or folks who just appreciate all of the curating work that goes into these selections. 

Learn more about club options here: https://www.nwcider.com/member-benefits/nw-cider-club/.

You can visit Peak Light Cider online to learn more about the company and its ciders: https://peaklightcider.com/

Here’s a bit of how Peak Light describes the cider process.

We adhere to principles of organic and biodynamic farming. Our practices support natural ecosystems that maximize biodiversity in the orchard—drawing beneficial insects, snakes, tree frogs, and nesting songbirds. Our flock of chickens “cleans” the orchard floor eating harmful pests during dormant winter months and provides valuable natural fertilizer to the trees.

The Peak Light cider included in my club selection is the Field Run Semi Dry, and here’s its official description.

ABV 6.5%     RS 1.4%     TA 0.5%     PH 3.8

Our field run semi-dry cider blends mid-season maturing apples. Residual sugars are left behind, lending a subtle sweetness that draws out this cider’s aromatic qualities. Lightly floral with notes of baked apple, sweet grass, and Meyer lemon. Enjoy on its own or with soft cheeses, crudités, and summer salads.

Appearance: intense popcorn gold, few visible bubbles, brilliant

The Field Run has gorgeous brilliant clarity! What a pretty cider. The color is intense. It reminds me of the gold in unpopped popcorn kernels. 

Aromas: tomatoes, cinnamon, white wine, and acetic acid

This is where things start to get really different. I was surprised to find the most recognizable aroma to be tomatoes, followed by cinnamon, and white wine. In the background I could smell a mineraly sort of aroma and some acetic acid. This makes me expect something wild, tangy, and savory.

Sweetness/dryness: Semi-dry

As promised, Peak Light’s Field Fun is semi-dry. I get enough sweetness to open up the layers of flavor but not a lot more. It's a nice approachable level.

Flavors and drinking experience: minerals, pear, cucumber, tannins

I love finding ciders that surprise me. The Field Run does exactly that with a very different flavor profile. As soon as I sip the cider, I can taste medium acidity, but it dissipates quickly on the mid-palate. What remains longer is an austere minerality and some pleasing subtle notes.

Once the acidity fades, I can sense some tannins on the mid palate. Flavors include cucumber, pear, paw paw, and apple. The cider’s sparkle is a medium petillance rather than something more effusively bubbly. The finish is quick and delicate, almost elusive. 

We had this cider with a simple seasonal meal: a frittata with spring potatoes, onion, and flaked salmon with a green salad. I think many light dishes would work well here. The Field Run could be served with many different cheeses or even a dessert course cider with pastries and fruit.