Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Cider Review: Urban Tree Hard Cidery's Orange U an IPA?

Hello cider fans, are you appreciating the signs of Fall all around (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway)? I know that I’m loving each brightly-colored leaf, Goldenrod, and Aster. The sculpted white clouds look crisper in the blue porcelain sky today. Clouds and rain are coming, but I’m basking in the golden moments while they’re here.  

And I chose a cider that reminds of this early fall moment  with many lingering summer accoutrements: Urban Tree Hard Cidery’s Orange U an IPA. My thinking was that the hops would recall Summer but that the coriander and apple would bring it into Fall. Let’s see how that works out.  

Urban Tree Cidery is based out of Atlanta, Georgia where you can find the ciders as well as the tasting room and patios. It sounds like a fun dog-friendly spot that not only sells ciders made on the premises but partners with local craft beer and cocktails as well. 

I’ve reviewed two Urban Tree ciders before. You’ll find links to both below.

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You can visit Urban Tree Cidery online here: https://www.urbantreecidery.com/

Here’s how the cidery describes this cider. “Fermented with sweet orange peel, coriander and citrus hops; this cider will make you question if you're drinking a cider or an IPA. 6.5% ABV.” I did see elsewhere on the webpage for the cider that it’s hops are Citra hops, and it has a listed IBU of 95. I have never seen an IBU on a cider before, so I don’t know how to interpret that number. Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Now for my tasting notes on Orange U an IPA?

Appearance: Orange, cloudy, deep color, disappearing mousse

Urban Tree Cidery’s cider pours with a bit of foam that doesn’t stick around. The color is a deep autumnal orange with some tones of bronze. It’s fully cloudy. I could not see through it. 

Aromas: grapefruit, hops, lemon zest, peach, overripe apple

Orange U an IPA? Smells of hops, orange flesh, zesty lemon and minerals. I also get notes of soft ripe peaches and overripe apples. This smells like it will be remarkably flavorful!

Sweetness/Dryness: Sweet

This cider is fun and sweet! It tastes of creamy sugar both in the immediate sugar cane note and also in the fresh orange notes. 

Flavors and drinking experience: creamsicle, mimosa, high acid, full body, fun

Orange U an IPA? by Urban Tree Cidery tastes like a hoppy mimosa. I am so into this! The cider feels deliciously thick and tastes sweet and creamy with prominent notes of orange and apple. It’s also grapefruity but in a creamsicle way. Orange U an IPA has no tannins but high acid.

The body is heavy, wet, juicy and ripe. This is an emphatic treat with perfect late summer flavors. The coriander isn’t powerful, but it comes through in one gentle spice note in the mix.

I love the cider’s medium bubble; it’s enough to lift the fullness of flavors but not enough to feel sharp. This cider brings the fun! I do find it much more pleasurable from the glass than a can, but that’s usually how I feel. 

I had mine with spicy popcorn and the first episode of What We Do in the Shadows!  I recommend that pairing whole heartedly!