Monday, January 23, 2023

Cider Review: Wild State Cider's Classic Dry

I’m writing from my bed where I’m stuck with Covid. This is the weekend that I’m grateful to have some sets of cider review notes saved from earlier tasting sessions. For a long while, I was lucky enough to avoid the dread illness, but my luck ran out. I hope the congestion clears and that I’ll return to full sensing form soon. This is one reason why I try to keep a few sets of notes in reserve at all times. Now I’ll just write and feel envious of past and future selves that get to enjoy ciders like Wild State’s Classic Dry. 

Wild State Cider comes to us from Duluth, Minnesota. The cidery was kind enough to send me several samples for review a while back. I’ve reviewed a few Wild State Ciders, and I’ve included more background in the earlier reviews. Here’s the full list. 

Peach Basil:


Triple Berry:

I recommend visiting Wild State Cider’s website to learn about the full cider lineup and the taproom:

Here’s how Wild State describes the Classic Dry. It’s not a ton of info, but it highlights what the cidery wants us to know about this cider.

The champagne of ciders. Perfectly dry with 0g of sugar. Only 170 calories and 2g carbs. 6.9% ABV

Appearance: hazy, applesauce color, bubbly

The color of the Classic Dry reminds me of applesauce; it's warm in tone but mellow and hazy. There are drifts of bubbles resting in the bottom of the glass.

Aromas: minerals, salt, fresh green apple, sulphites 

Wild State’s Classic Dry smells initially of minerals and fresh apples. Specifically I smell the green apple malic acid note along with some hint of saltiness and sulphites.

Sweetness/dryness: Dry

It is dry! I’m always curious when a cider bills itself as fully dry. Many drinkers don’t want fully dry; they prefer off dry described as dry. Not Wild State though, when they say dry, they mean it! 

Flavors and drinking experience: Austere, high acid, bracing, tannic

Wow! This is highly unusual for a canned cider. Not only is the Classic Dry actually dry, it’s bringing high acid and some tannins to the table as well. I find the cider more austere than fruit-forward, but it’s wonderfully bracing.

Because of the combination of acid, dryness, and tannins, the whole experience feels angular, almost sharp. The bubbles are plentiful and powerful too. This is a great way to wake up your mouth! I find it tremendously refreshing and very different from most of what I find in cans. 

Fingers crossed that by next week, I’ll be back up to the usual cider shenanigans. Be well, friends!