Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Cider Review: Awestruck Cider's Winter Solstice

This is the last post going live in February. It’s wintry now, but, before too terribly long, we’ll start to see some creeping signs of Spring. But for today, it’s snow, ice and gray skies. That certainly guided me to this week’s choice of ciders. I needed something extra rich and cozy.

When I saw Awestruck Ciders’ Winter Solstice at a local grocery store, I seized it immediately. Last year, I tried it but didn’t manage to get a review, so I jumped at this chance. Awestruck is a regional cidery, based out of Sydney, New York. The company was founded by Casey Vitti and Patti Wilcox. I first ran across Awestruck at The Gathering of the New York Farm cideries in Albany several years ago.

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I encourage you to learn more by visiting Awestruck online: https://www.awestruckciders.com/Index

Now for my cozy time with Winter Solstice. I love the official description. 

A cider for long, cold nights.

6.8% ABV

750ml Bottle

Some of us here at Awestruck think winter is the best. Most of us don't. So we set out to concoct an elixir that could transform arctic dark and dreary into a magical wonderland of glittery snowflakes and cozy fireplaces. Just like the night sky in winter, this cider is endlessly dark and sparkling. Made with a luscious blend of apples and blackcurrants, each sip offers a bouquet of flavor and color sure to awaken your hibernating senses.

Appearance: Intense color, pinot noir, transparent no visible bubbles

This cider shocked me when I poured it. The color is among the most intense I’ve ever seen. It looks like a cold-climate pinot noir in the glass. I don’t see visible bubbles either. 

Aromas: Sugared plums, minerals, dust, black cherry, apple and raspberry

Whoa! The Winter Solstice smells like sugared plums! Now I’m thinking about Christmas all of a sudden The cider smells aggressively minerally and dusty. Also, there are notes of black cherry, raspberry apple and definitely black currant. The aromas are medium in their intensity. I don’t have to put my nose in the glass to find them, but they don’t come wafting up to me either.

Sweetness/dryness: sweet

This cider is sweet! But nicely so.

Flavors and drinking experience: big mouthfeel, high acid, blackberry, apple, and currant

The Winter Solstice is a bold and enveloping cider. I feel scooped up and held in a furry warm hug. The cider brings high acid, big mouthfeel, and a rich sweetness along with lots of fruit flavors. The cider offers bountiful blackberry and apple notes along with lots of wild and tangy black currant.

I love what an exuberant cider this is! It does feel warming, playful, and cozy. It’s sweeter than I would want most of the time, but I understand the need for this cider to be emphatic in all directions, including sweetness. If you see this limited edition cider, scoop one up and try it! I paired mine with the latest episode of WandaVision and some tasty popcorn, highly recommended!