Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Cider Review: Embark Craft Ciderworks' Strawberry Rhubarb

I try not to get ahead of myself and spend my time only looking toward the future, but that can happen in winter. I’m afraid I saw something springy on the grocery store shelves and just went for it. We’re having earlier mornings and sunsets after 5pm, so I’m allowed to think spring just a little. Today, I’m sharing my notes on Embark Ciderworks’ Strawberry Rhubarb.

Embark is a regionally local cider here in central New York. The company is based outside of Rochester, New York on a multiple-generation family farm and orchard. The cider is masterminded by Jake Lagoner and Chris Gowan. The cidery crafts both traditional apple-only ciders and innovative blends, including a seasonal range of ciders. 

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Embark’s website is a great place to learn more about the ciders: https://embarkcraftciderworks.com/

Here’s the official description of the Strawberry Rhubarb. 

We ferment our farmhouse blend of apples and then age it on whole sweet juicy strawberries and tart rhubarb that we grow right on our farm. This cider is truly the first tastes of summer in a glass. 5.3% ABV.

Appearance: palest sunrise peach, transparent, bubbly

What a lovely cider! The Strawberry Rhubarb is transparent, showing off plenty of sparkle. The color reminds me of the gentles peach notes of sunrise.

Aromas: fresh strawberry, Strawberry Jam, sugared rhubarb

These smells do make me think of Spring. The Strawberry Rhubarb cider smells like fresh strawberry, shading into strawberry jam. And I get notes of sugared rhubarb. All in all, the aromas remind me of strawberry rhubarb pie, dry grass with a firm background of apple. My mouth waters after sniffing this cider!

Sweetness/dryness: semi-sweet cider

Embark’s Strawberry Rhubarb cider tastes semi-sweet and so jammy and fruity!

Flavors and drinking experience: high acid, medium tannins, apple, strawberry, peach, and  rhubarb notes

All fruits I smelled are totally evident in how this cider tastes. I am completely into it! This cider brings excitement with it’s high acid dance of apple, strawberry, rhubarb, and peach! I appreciate the minerality, acidity, and even some tannins. The cider tastes more tart than one expects from the aroma.

This cider is well balanced and fun! I love the spring fruit flavors. As for pairing, this brought out the nutmeg and spices in our pumpkin cheesecake. It was perhaps a bit strange to pair a fall dessert with a spring cider, but it tasted wonderful this way.