Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Cider Review: Snow Capped Cider's Single Varietal Blanc Mollet

If you’re feeling like I’m feeling right now, it’s not a good week. I won’t rehash the miseries of the news and hypocrises of the United States Supreme Court, but I want anyone who comes to this blog to know that abortion is healthcare. I stand with the majority of Americans who support abortion rights.  

While a donation isn’t everything, it’s certainly better than doing nothing: https://abortionfunds.org/

Now that I’ve exercised my first amendment right to free speech, I’ll continue with some thoughts on a cider I enjoyed a few weeks ago.  

The fine folks at Snow Capped Cider shared a bottle of the Single Varietal Blanc Mollett with me, and I’m super excited to review it. I’ve never had a single varietal of this apple before; I may never have had it in a cider before (though I don’t know that with certainty). As always, a sample does not guarantee a review or influence my opinion. Right now, I have much more cider in my cellar than writing time in my calendar. 

Snow Capped Cider comes to us from Colorado as a project within a multi-generation family farm. You can find more background information in my earlier reviews linked below.

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Here’s how Snow Capped Cider describes the Single Varietal Blanc Mollet:

This bittersweet apple was grown in our Colorado orchards, then romantically aged in pear brandy barrels for six months. Blanc Mollet is as delightful as its french apple namesake. Introducing itself with a deep, golden hue, inviting aroma and smooth medium astringency on the palate. Loving notes of sweet pear, orange blossom and vanilla dance together ending with a warm, slightly dry finish.

Alcohol 8.90%

Appearance: intense cinnamon color, brilliant, few visible bubbles

This cider’s color reminds me of cinnamon, tea, and medium warm brown saddle leather. It’s earthy and inviting. The cider has brilliance but very few visible bubbles. 

Aromas: juicy, overripe apples, sweet cherries, ice cider

Wow! The Blanc Mollet offers a complex and enticing bouquet. It smells juicy and mellow with notes of overripe apples and barrel-y caramel. The parade of scents continues by reminding me of ice cider, sweet cherries, and brown sugar. The cider’s aromas are concentrated and powerful. 

Sweetness/dryness: Dry

There’s a ton going on in this cider, but the Blanc Mollet is dry. 

Flavors and drinking experience: Leather, warmth, rich, medium tannins

The Blanc Mollet’s intricacies continue with a wonderful taste experience. The cider reminds me of leather, with its warmth, richness, and mild astringency. There’s just so much velvety, crackly texture in these medium tannins and full body. The Blanc Mollet has medium-high acidity which helps keep the cider from going too loose or heavy. I was surprised to find it barely petillant rather than bringing a stronger bubble.

The barrel aging is incorporated so smoothly into the cider, that it’s a blended part of the flavor throughout. It neither spikes nor dips, and it doesn’t dominate the experience. I appreciate that sense of balance tremendously.

Take care of yourselves and each other, cider friends.